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The Ancient Cemetery Project Volunteers have contributed countless hours of their time and effort to help preserve and document Ancient Cemetery's oldest grave markers.

This is the fifth year of an on-going volunteer effort to clean, photograph and record information from gravestones in the older section of Ancient Cemetery.
Volunteers were recruited and trained by conservation mentors, and by 2022 cleaned more than 1,100 gravestones and documented more than 1350 records of individuals.

The Project is maintained by twenty volunteers actively working in the Cemetery, and by several volunteer genealogists. Participants are equipped with cleaning supplies, particularly D2-- the approved biological solution used to safely clean gravestones.

The Friends of Ancient Cemetery Volunteers are a wonderful, dedicated group of individuals, each of whom contribute a great deal of energy and commitment.

Daffodils bloom in Ancient Cemetery because volunteer Deb Bianchi helped us plant 100 daffodil bulbs in the Fall, 2020, which has now become an annual tradition.

volunteer cleaning headstones at ancient cemetery
volunteers of ancient cemeteryy

our tireless dedicated hard working group of volunteers, 2021

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