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To date, the Friends of Ancient Cemetery volunteers have recorded information on more than 1,380 interred individuals named on the 1,115 recently cleaned gravestones. The rich history contained in this document provides a window into the changing religious, social, and cultural community attitudes toward death and dying over the three centuries represented in this historical burying ground.

about the spreadsheet

Above is a sample window displaying the format and structure of the Friends of Ancient Cemetery Excel spreadsheet. You can pan within this sample to quickly explore the various column headings and their related entries. Scroll to the right to see the breadth of data recovered from individual gravestones.

NOTE: You will find three helpful links below: (1) takes you to a working, searchable version of the full spreadsheet, (2) allows you to download a copy of the spreadsheet for your own personal use, (3) provides a downloadable PDF file with basic instructions for viewing, sorting, and searching spreadsheet data.

FoAC does not authorize commercial usage of the spreadsheet data. Please do not share without permission.

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